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Plan F vs. Plan N : What Most People Don’t Know

A lot of folks wonder about the differences between Medicare supplement Plan F and Plan N:  What does plan F cover vs. plan N? Which one is the more popular Medicare supplement plan ? Does Medigap Plan N cost less? These are all good questions which deserve a good answer. We will answer these questions…and more by exploring all […] Read More

There are, most likely,  several Medicare Advantage Plan choices in your area. The benefits and costs vary from plan to plan. So how do you compare Medicare Advantage Plans to find the best plan?……the following tips are a good start.   Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Most people qualify for Medicare when they turn 65. It covers […] Read More

People come to us confused about which insurance company they should pick for their Medicare supplement. Perhaps you may be confused too. We have helped many seniors compare Medicare supplement plans to choose the right company for their needs… …but there is something you must consider before you compare Medicare supplement plans. You need to thoroughly […] Read More

If you have a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, did you examine the formularies of several plans before you enrolled? If you are turning 65 soon, and are about to enroll in a plan, did you check the formularies of at least three plans? If you are like most of our clients before they met with […] Read More

If you are enrolled in a Prescription Drug Plan (Medicare Part D), either as a stand-alone plan or through your Medicare Advantage Plan, do you ever “check around” periodically to make sure you are in the right one? If you are  new to Medicare and need a Prescription Drug Plan, how can you be reasonably be sure you will […] Read More

If you are turning 65 or older, you may want to compare Medicare Advantage Plans, and if you have, you have probably seen TV ads or  have received mailers advertising something like: “Enroll in Medicare Advantage 0 Premium Plans Now!” Or “No Premium Medicare Advantage Plans Available!”  So, is there a catch? Do you need to […] Read More

We hear these questions all the time: What is Plan F? What does it cover? How do I compare Medicare Supplement Plans?  How is it different from Part C, or plan N? Much  information you get in the form of sales brochures  about Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap) is sometimes confusing,  or not detailed enough to answer […] Read More

 If you are turning 65 or older, you have probably asked one of these questions without getting a good answer: What is the difference between a Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage? What is the difference between Medicare and Medicare Advantage? How do I compare Medicare Advantage Plans? Do I really need to enroll in anything besides “regular” […] Read More

For most people turning 65, the Coverage Gap (or ‘Donut Hole”) rules in their Medicare Prescription Drug Plans are confusing. Many of our clients admit to us that they have never reviewed these rules, and relied mostly on sales materials. Well,  we will review the Coverage Gap the right way and reveal some facts that may save […] Read More